Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blogville Picnic - For Charlie

So check it out, we're here at the Blogville Picnic that has been organized to help Charlie!
PawsBang is here, oh yeah!

We hope all of you would keep Honeybuzz and her family in your thoughts, as they are having some difficult times. Her dad is currently in the hospital, and all of us from PawsBang are sending our strongest vibes to the family and hope her dad gets better soon.

So we have got some song requests from the public!

2 songs from Frankie:
Ruby Baby, and Penny Lane
to Ruby, and Penny

From Bunny:
Dog Days Are Over

From Shiloh and Shasta:
Snoopy and The Red Baron

Our Playlist
Take the Dog Off The Chain - Babylon A.D.
Walkin' The Dog - Aerosmith
Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles
Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi

Monday, April 25, 2011


I hope all of you had a most wondewful Weekend! wif lots of family, fwiends and yummabulls fwom the Eastew Bunny

I helped Mommi and Daddi get weady fow the Sunday  lunch at ouw house

We cleaned and cooked and decowated  and I was fowced to have a baf

I did a final inspection to make suwe that We had enuff tweats fow evewyone coming,   honest, that's all I was doing
Hewe is a smilebox to show you some decowations and how we made ouw favowitest Cheese cake

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We had to have the food set up in Mommi's "studio", since  that's the onliest place wif a big table

and hewe is a smilebox of the fun day we had wif family and fwiends
, it was suddenly all wawm and hoomid so we had to dwink extwa Pwo Secco to keep hydwated, hehehehe..and then eat extwa to absowb all the Pwo Secco , then dwink mowe pwosecco fow thiwst , then stawt all ovew again

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We had a gweat time. it lasted fwom 2-9 and then I fell asneep.  My Bwuvvew Duffy was hewe and he and I  wan awound and played and got so much hooman food (don't wowwy , only the stuff that's good fow us) that I didn't have my wegoolaw dinnew  and was xausted.

Mommi discovewed that she is lots oldew than she used to be and it's going to take hew a while to not be tiwed, so Pleeez be patient wif me cause I doubt that she will be of much help to me in visiting all of you. She pwomised that  I will get awound to all my fwiends eventooally

smoochie kisses

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ronnii's Barkday Pawty!

We are very honoured to have been asked to play at Ronnii's barkday pawty, so here we are!

Asta and Sarge rocking out together!

Fluffy and Chubbs making a special appearance for the pawty!

 Honeybuzz rocking out!

And yours truly, trying to do the infamous duck walk of Angus Young, hehe.

We're having a blast, and we hope all of you are enjoying yourselves too!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shiloh's birthday pawty

PawsBang arrived at the Birthday Pawty of Shiloh to find 2 very bootiful, dressed up hosts at the entrance.
Shasta and Shiloh (Birthday Boy)!
Welcome to our humble abode, PawsBang! We've decorated our home for the pawty. Please come in and grab some drinks!

Meanwhile, the fans of PawsBang awaits the performance...
Benny: Hmm, I think Lily should stop drinking, she can't even sit up straight...
Roo: When is the band gonna come on stage?! I can't wait to see my little kisser Fluffy!
Pip: Hold your horses, Roo. Good things are worth the wait.
Frankie: *hics* I think I've had a it too much drinks too...Come on PawsBang! Let's rock n Roll!!! *hics*
Mayzie: I can't wait to see them in action again, oh my dogness! I've even prepared some nice little lacie underpants for Pepsi! *blush*

After a very long wait...

Sarge comes out and take the spotlight on the stage!
 After playing a round of drum solos, Sarge stands up and addresses the audience.

PawsBang comes out to wildly cheering crowd, and a lot of already drunk pups.
Now this is what I'm talking about! This is a pawty!
Pepsi: Fluffy, you should stop drinking, you're blocking my way on the stage, I can't do my impersonation of Angus Young's duck walk!
Asta: Oh yeah, this crowd is WILD!
Honeybuzz: How about some cheers for the birthday boy, Shiloh!?
Chubbs: *Continues dancing away*

Who Lets The Dogs Out by Baha Men (Song request by Shiloh)
Snoopy vs The Red Baron by The Royal Guardsmen (Song request by Shiloh)
I Love My Dog by Cat Stevens (Song request by Shiloh's Mom)
Celebrate by The Three Dog Night (Song request by Shiloh's Mom)
Party All Night by Quiet Riot

The members of PawsBang would like to wish Shiloh a VERY VERY Happy Birthday, and thank him for inviting us to play at his pawsome pawty! Stay handsome and cool, dude!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Live at the Kissing Booths!

Here we are, PawsBang, at the Kissing Booths!

Miss Asta, on her Bass guitar!

The Honeybuzz, on her guitar!

Cool dude Sarge, on his drums! Check out his tattoos, what a punk!

& Pepsi, on his guitar, doing some killer solos for everyone!

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this fundraising activity, also to send out our congratulations to Kissa Bull on having a new addition to their furmaily - Baby Joshua!

It is such a blast to play along to everyone who was in the kissing booths, and to all the others who are still in the queues to get to their favorite pup in the booth.

Check it out, I see Mayzie dying to get out of her booth. (She's my groupie, BOL.) & hey, Puddles, throw us some beers from your booth, will ya?

We have some killer songs for all of you to rock out to. We've been practicing day and night. Miss Asta faced some complaints from her neighbors because she practiced her new riffs all the time. Sarge missed out on some of the hunting trips his Dad went on because he was perfecting some of his drum solos. & Honeybuzz being the sweet one, went to book a studio so she can jam in it without disturbing anyone. & I just kicked back and practiced at home. The neighbors love my playing, oh yeah!

Some song dedications to our beloved friends:
Mama's Little Angels by Quiet Riot - to The Elgin Pugs and their Mom
Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses - to Kissa Bull and their furmaily
Helping Hands by Quiet Riot - to Mama Tea, Ronnii and Richie
(Oh) Pretty Woman by Van Halen - to all the ladies in the kissing booth
Man On A Mission by Van Halen - to all the dudes in the kissing booth

Calling out to participants of the kissing booths, please grab the badge before you leave. A small token from the 4 of us from PawsBang, to all of you sweet pups.

If anyone has any song requests, just leave us some peemail by the stage! Oh, and please take note not to pee by the booths. We don't want to leave a big mess for the hosts of the whole kissing booth event!

(& Asta, Honeybuzz, & Sarge)