Monday, April 25, 2011


I hope all of you had a most wondewful Weekend! wif lots of family, fwiends and yummabulls fwom the Eastew Bunny

I helped Mommi and Daddi get weady fow the Sunday  lunch at ouw house

We cleaned and cooked and decowated  and I was fowced to have a baf

I did a final inspection to make suwe that We had enuff tweats fow evewyone coming,   honest, that's all I was doing
Hewe is a smilebox to show you some decowations and how we made ouw favowitest Cheese cake

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We had to have the food set up in Mommi's "studio", since  that's the onliest place wif a big table

and hewe is a smilebox of the fun day we had wif family and fwiends
, it was suddenly all wawm and hoomid so we had to dwink extwa Pwo Secco to keep hydwated, hehehehe..and then eat extwa to absowb all the Pwo Secco , then dwink mowe pwosecco fow thiwst , then stawt all ovew again

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We had a gweat time. it lasted fwom 2-9 and then I fell asneep.  My Bwuvvew Duffy was hewe and he and I  wan awound and played and got so much hooman food (don't wowwy , only the stuff that's good fow us) that I didn't have my wegoolaw dinnew  and was xausted.

Mommi discovewed that she is lots oldew than she used to be and it's going to take hew a while to not be tiwed, so Pleeez be patient wif me cause I doubt that she will be of much help to me in visiting all of you. She pwomised that  I will get awound to all my fwiends eventooally

smoochie kisses


  1. A nice nappy....da end to da purrfect day. Looks like you had lots of fun.

  2. Sounds like a great Easter celebration :) The cheesecake photos made Mom drool. No worries, she always drools over cheesecake. It's the one desert she can never turn down :)

    Probably a good thing no one had a video camera with all that Pwo Secco worshiping going on. If only the walls could talk ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  3. Music request: Sugar, Sugar and Draw Me Close to You

  4. Pee.s. we is having a blast at the picnic!!!

  5. You guys are rocking it out. Do you have time for You Ain't Nothing But A HoundDog. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  6. We loved that you made sure there were enough treats for everyone to enjoy. Just a little nappie is needed before the party. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful time.
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